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stay away from the girls who personally wax their own vagina.

Anonymous: So there is this girl in my chem class that I met a couple weeks ago and we've been pretty good friends since but there is something that I find so attractive about her. I never felt so connected with someone and I'm starting to really like her. The only thing is, I don't know if she is a lesbian. Heck, I don't even know if I'm gay.. I've only been w/ guys but I can't seem to fucking stop thinking about her. What do I do?!

Sexual orientation is very fluid. It’s black and white for very few people. Like.. I’d say I’m 78% lesbian. I identify as a lesbian even though I’ve been in a serious relationship with a man the past almost 2 years. How you identify is solely up to you and no one can tell you whether you’re gay or straight or bisexual.
If you want to know her sexual orientation, a sly was to figure it out would be to discuss some form of LGBTQ issue and see how she responds. If you outright ask her, she might respond with “I’m straight” just like how you’d respond if someone were to ask you because maybe she still doesn’t understand the fluidity of her own sexuality.
Another thing to take into consideration is location. If you’re in a region that condemns gays, if she were even a little gay, she might be more reluctant to act on her urges. That’s definitely something I’ve struggled with while living in MS again. I like feminine pretty girls. Like when I get married, I hope we’re both in pretty white dresses and barefoot walking down the grassy path to the altar. None of the girls I like here are even okay with gay. That’s why I date mostly guys here. And the few that I have been with were very obviously metrosexual (or could pass for at least bi).
This sounds shady but you could get a drink or two in her and bring up sexual orientation or something. The drunk and the dying tend to be the most honest.

It seems like you do like her and the fact that it’s making you question whether you’re straight or not says a lot about the situation. You’re obviously not 100% straight. And chances are neither is she.

I hope this all makes sense and that I could be of some help to you.


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if that’s how right the wrong one felt, imagine how right the right one will feel.

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